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Small Business Package

We firmly believe that small businesses should be able to have access to all the same tools that the big guys do. So we took the most commonly needed services and bundled them together to into simple package. Just the essentials. Affordable. Simple and easy to get started. We take care of the details.

What we do for you

1. Clarify your target market and your services

Regain a laser-sharp focus on your ideal customers and how you solve their problems. Update content to communicate your value in a way that resonates with your target audience.

2. Update your logo and branding

Simplify and update your logo. Create a visual style guide so you can have a consistent, trustworthy identify. Give you the files so you can use it everywhere.

3. Re-organize and re-design your Website

Make it so potential customers can quickly find the information they're looking for. Modernize your site and make it responsive and mobile-friendly. Add online tools that save time and increase sales.

4. Set up email, social media, and video

Create and organize your accounts. Provide worksheets and templates to help you quickly create content that keeps potential and existing customers engaged.

5. Organize all your online services and accounts

Get your domain name, hosting, email, and other online accounts working together. Save money by eliminating what you don't need. Give you a list of all your account settings and logins.

Cost and time-frame

Total cost is $2,499.00, with half prepaid and half paid on completion.

Time to complete is less than 3 weeks, assuming that you are prompt in communicating with us.

Benefits to you

  • Deal with one person and get everything done quickly.
  • Free up your time to developing customer relationships and growing your business.
  • Look like you have your act together and stand out from the crowd.
  • Boost your sales and marketing efforts

What about your business?

Imagine what your business and your life will look like when all of these things are working together! Why wait? Contact us and get started right now.

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