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Google Ads Setup & Test

Find out how effective Google Ads will be for your business in 1 month and for less than $1,000 total. We set it up and run the tests. You're in control and can take over when we're done.

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$699 1 month

What if you could predictably generate new sales with online ads? Have you been wanting to try Google Ads but you’re not sure how to get started?

How to get started with Google Ads

Here’s what’s involved in getting started, whether you do it yourself or you have us do it for you:

  1. Set up Google Ads account so you can start testing. Google wants you to spend as much money on ads as possible, so be careful and don’t do everything they suggest.
  2. Research the keywords that your target audience uses to search for what you offer. Try to balance volume with cost per click so you can maximize the results for your test budget.
  3. Set your daily budget and the maximum you’re willing to pay for each click without overspending.
  4. Create multiple ads that you can test and write motivating headlines and descriptions that will filter people who are serious about purchasing.
  5. Install conversion tracking code on your Website so Google Ads knows when someone made a purchase. That will let you see how effective each keyword and ad is.
  6. Set up Google Analytics and create a goal funnel so you can get a detailed view of how effective your Website is at converting visitors into sales.
  7. Run a series of short, inexpensive test campaigns. After each test, analyze the results, make changes to the ads and your Website as needed.

Your objective is to increase your conversion rate and ROI to a point where you’re confident in scaling up your advertising.

We do the work, you're in control

Our “Google Ads Setup” package includes everything shown above. For a one-time fixed amount, we’ll set it for you and run (3) 1-week tests. You pay for the ads.

This way you can try out Google Ads and in less than 1 month you can see if it’s a good fit for your business.

If it doesn’t end up generating the return you need, then you will have learned some valuable information without spending a lot of money. You can focus on other marketing strategies.

But if you’re happy with the results of the tests, then you can either choose to have us continue to manage your campaigns, or you can take over and keep running the ads yourself. You’re in control! Everything is already set up for you! We’ll even give you a short tutorial video to help you out.

Will this help your business?

We think this is a smarter way to get started with online ads. We’ve enjoyed working with a variety of small businesses and helping them create an efficient and automated sales system that includes online ads.

But if our approach sounds reasonable, and you don’t want to wait, let’s get started right now!

Just click the button to buy the package. We’ll email you a link to a tutorial video that gives you an inside look at what we will do. It walks you through how to quickly sign up for Google Ads. And it gives you a few things to do to prepare for our first short phone call before your first test.

Get started now!

We’ve made it as easy and as quick as possible to get started. So just click the button now and in less than a minute you’ll be on your way.

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