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Video Studio Setup Package

Quickly and easily create professional videos and have a great videoconferencing presence in just a couple of weeks

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$299 2 weeks

Get your own video recording studio

What if, a couple weeks from now, you had your own video recording studio? What if you could easily create consistently high-quality videos and have a professional videoconferencing presence? And what if it only cost you around $500?

Would that allow you to move forward with your business? What kind amazing opportunities would that open up for you?

How to create professional videos

Creating professional quality videos can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to plan, shoot, and edit. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll quickly find out how complex and time-consuming it is.

But what if you had someone experienced who told you the exact equipment to buy, exactly how to set things up, and even reviewed your setup and helped you dial things in?

I’ve found a way to create great looking videos without spending a lot of time and money. And I can help you quickly produce videos that are as good or better than 90% of the business videos that you see out there.

6 ESSENTIALS for great-looking video

There are a handful of essential things that you have to get right. Otherwise, your videos will just look “off”, unprofessional.

  1. Decent quality camera. You don’t have to spend $1,500 on a fancy DSLR. But you shouldn’t go too cheap, either.
  2. A clean, simple background with subtle lighting will put the viewer at ease and focus their attention on your message.
  3. Correct lighting is absolutely essential. But you don’t need an expensive pro lighting system. Just a couple lights in the right place will really make you stand out.
  4. Clean, strong sound is huge part of an effective video. If you know what you’re doing, you can get good results with a relatively inexpensive microphone.
  5. Choosing the right camera angle & framing yourself correctly makes a big difference. The good news is that once you find the right shot, you won’t have to change it every time you shoot.
  6. Simple editing software and a streamlined workflow. This is where good advice can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to create a finished video.

How much time and money do you want to spend?

How long would it take you to learn about all of those things, shop for the right equipment, test it out to make sure it works, and make adjustments until it looks good? 1 month? 2 months? 3 months? It took me 6 months of watching YouTube videos, reading articles, buying and returning products, and making changes after every video until I got it looking and sounding just right.

Do you want to spend that much time and effort? Or would you rather just skip to the end, copy from what I learned, and move forward on your business plans?

What the package includes

Our “Video Studio Setup” package will quickly get you set up to record professional videos for a one-time fee. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Recommended equipment: Links to buy reasonably-priced “quality” equipment on Amazon (camera, tripod, microphone, lights, background, etc.). The cost of the equipment is not included in the package. But if you already have gear that works, use it! You only have to buy what you need. I’ve actually bought, tested, and returned dozens of products in my quest to find affordable, quality gear that’s easy to use. You’ll save tons of time and hundreds of dollars
  2. Videos: You'll get a series of videos that shows exactly how to set things up, tips on presentation, on workflow, and some common pitfalls to avoid. We’ll give you several configurations that you can choose from based on the unique needs of your business: whether you want a portable setup or a permanent studio in your office. And you can pick which elements to implement based on how simple you want it be.
  3. Live consultation: You’ll get a 30-minute live Zoom meeting with me where I help you check your video audio live, customize, dial in your setup.

Will this help your business?

So, does this sound like something that could help you in your business? If so, why not get started right now?!

Just click the button to buy the package and schedule our Zoom call. We’ll send you the equipment list, instructions, and links to the videos. You’ll go buy the equipment you need and go through the initial setup checklist. Then on our Zoom call, we’ll see how it looks and sounds, and fine-tune things.

Our goal is: when we finish that call, everything is set up and you are ready to hit the ground running and create some awesome videos!

Get started now!

We’ve made it as easy and as quick as possible to get started. So just click the button now and in less than a minute you’ll be on your way.

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