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  • Simplimation: Lean Business Startup Support

    Lean Business Startup Support

    Get your business started with minimal investment and quickly test what actually works. Then only build what is needed. We keep you on track and provide any help needed along the way.

  • Simplimation: Build Web Sites & Apps

    Build Web Sites & Apps

    An effective Website should quickly give people the information they need, automates the sales and payment process, encourage referrals, and help you regularly communicate with them. We can create a beautiful, PageSpeed optimized, and mobile-friendly site with built-in SEO and analytics.

  • Simplimation: Create Slogans & Language Style Guide

    Create Slogans & Language Style Guide

    Find the right words to directly target your customer's core motivations. We can create a short slogan that convinces them in 10 words or less. Our Language Style Guide helps you quickly write content (e.g. blog posts, articles, press releases) that stays focused on your customers needs.

  • Simplimation: Design Logos

    Design Logos

    Create a professional brand for your small business, starting with a custom logo. Our Visual Style Guide helps you see how to best use your logo, color scheme, fonts, images, and textures in all your marketing materials, keeping your business image consistent.

  • Simplimation: Find Domain & Business Names

    Find Domain & Business Names

    Find a business name and domain name that conveys your brand, is easily shareable, and helps your Website's search ranking. We can help you brainstorm options and check on availability.

  • Simplimation: Setup Email Lists

    Setup Email Lists

    Communicate with your target customers by email after they visit your site. We can set up your email list service, create a custom message template, integrate the signup form in your Website, and regularly write and send content.

  • Simplimation: Manage Social Media

    Manage Social Media

    Get new customers and keep your existing customers engaged with the right social media platforms. We can set up and customize your social account(s), integrate them with your Website, and regularly create and post content.

  • Simplimation: Design & Print Business Cards

    Design & Print Business Cards

    The only printed marketing piece you need. We can create a 2-sided, full-color design that makes a great first impression and motivates the person to visit your Website and become a customer.

  • Simplimation: Write Content

    Write Content

    Regularly providing your potential customers with short, useful articles that contain information they want builds their trust and leading to sales. We can write and post to your Website, email list, and social media feeds.

  • Simplimation: Edit Videos

    Edit Videos

    In less than a minute, a video can inform and inspire potential customers. We can create short videos using your clips, your brand, and music. We can also post to your Website, social media feeds, and YouTube channel.

  • Simplimation: Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    We give you regular reports that show how well your marketing efforts are performing, including the actual revenue that each piece of your plan generates. You get the facts you need to make informed decisions about how to spend your marketing budget.

  • Simplimation: Full-Service Web Hosting

    Full-Service Web Hosting

    Keep your Website humming with daily status monitoring, hardware DDoS (Denial of Service attack) protection, and daily remote backups. You can call us directly if you experience any problems and we'll take care of it.

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