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Automate work. Free up time. Transform your business.

We offer simple online tools and services to help you reach your goals.

Could you double your business...
without hiring more employees?

Keep reading to learn how a small business owner transformed their business, one step at a time.

Asher, Owner of Asher Sports Therapy

I’m Asher. I run a thriving sports massage therapy business in Oceanside, CA. We automated each step of my struggling business, one step at a time. Now I’m working half the hours I used to but I’m actually making more each month. And I’m developing 2 markets that have the potential to explode my business. Let me tell you how Simplimation helped me turn my business around and changed my life.

What I was doing wrong before...

I used to think that “success” meant having a bunch of people working for me. So I rented a big office that would allow me to expand. I built a fancy waiting area and a desk for 2 receptionists. The idea was to duplicate myself and manage my employees and then I could have a lighter schedule.

The problem was that I couldn’t do everything myself. I couldn’t keep up with my actual work and at the same time get clients fast enough to support all of that overhead. I had to wear all the hats at the same time: sales, scheduling, payments, bookkeeping, massage therapist, etc. I wasn’t growing... I was getting deeper and deeper in debt. It got to the point where I was seriously considering packing it up and trying something else.

So I finally asked for help. Tyson at Simplimation showed me how automating my business would help me to change the way I ran my business and reach my goals. I had tried everything else, so what did I have to lose?!

What Simplimation did for me:

  • Let clients schedule online themselves

    Before People were texting and calling me all day... while I was trying to working on clients. It would literally take 10 texts to agree on a timeslot. Huge waste of my energy and time. And frustrating for everyone.

    After Now they just pull up my calendar on their phone wherever they are, select a timeslot that works for them...done! I’m not involved at all. My calendar just fills up with appointments. It took away 90% of the stress and everyone’s happy.

  • Set up automatic credit card payments

    Before I used to do it like everyone else and collect payment at the end of a session. It always took a few extra minutes longer than expected. The next client was waiting. People got irritated. And I would get a lot of canceled appointments and no-shows.

    After Now people have to enter their credit card before they can schedule an appointment. But they aren’t charged until after I see them. That completely got rid of no-shows and let me fill up my calendar with people who were committed to paying. No I don’t talk about money. I just focus on helping people. And money magically shows up in my bank account.

  • Create a system for following up with every client

    Before I was so busy that I didn’t have time to follow up with clients. People were slipping through the cracks. I had people who came in to try me out but then they didn’t reschedule again.

    After Now every single person is in the system. They get reminder emails and text about upcoming appointments. They get a personal follow-up email the day after. They get automatic reminders to schedule their next appointment. And then I get a reminder to call them if they don’t schedule within a week.

  • Online checklist for working with clients

    Before We realized that the best way to get new customers was while I was working with a client. But I had limited time with them in that “magic zone” and I had to do the work they were paying me for.

    After Now I just use my custom Appointment Checklist while I’m with the client. It helps me do a better job. And at the same time I can gather the information I need to get reviews, referrals, and repeat business.

  • Help managing daily tasks

    Before I tried all kinds of ToDo apps and ways of organizing my tasks. But it always seemed like I had to keep everything in my head. And I got overwhelmed and was less motivated to take action.

    After Now I pull up my task list on my phone. It takes everything out of my head and just shows me what I need to do that day. I can relax. Money is coming in. And I’m doing the most effective things I can do right now. Everything else is saved for tomorrow.

  • Automate insurance and corporate billing

    Before I started expanding the auto accident and corporate employee markets. But what held me back was that I didn’t want to do the billing. I was doing the work but not getting paid.

    After Now I have an automated system that bills the insurance or the company for me. And it adapts to each company’s unique requirements so I get paid full price, and as fast as possible.

What were the results for my business?

  • Within 3 months I saved my business from near ruin. In fact, my 4th month was the biggest month in my entire career.
  • I now have time and mental energy to develop new services and test out better pricing. I started offering treatment plans (commitments to 20+ appointments). I created partnerships with gyms. And I’m developing a new market that has huge huge potential for me. Best of all, I’m spending more time on things that really matter to me, like my family.
  • I’m working half the time and more pay, after just 2 years. I’m accomplishing my goals as a one-man-show, without hiring employees. I even ripped out my front desk and converted the area into a client lounge!

What did I learn from my experience?

I learned that it's possible to have a business where I'm successful on my own, without employees or lots of overhead. Automation was the key.

I learned that I need to have a system and stick with it. I now have the tools now to keep me focused on doing the tasks each day that keep the money flowing.

I learned that I need to always be testing new markets and services. Automating my busy work free me up to have the time and mental energy for development.

How can you do the same thing with your business?

Here’s how... Automate your busywork. Then use that time to develop your business.

We’ll give the specific tools you need to automate each part of your business. We can also do the work for you. Start with the one thing what will help you the most right now. Add more later after you see results. Here are some examples of areas we can help with....

  • Estimates

    Quickly create and send estimates and proposals. Customers can preview, comment, and approve. Automatically send reminders. Jobs get approved and started faster.

  • Scheduling

    Have customers schedule themselves. Automatically send reminders and followup emails. Have your schedule fill up on its own.

  • Invoicing

    Quickly create and send professional invoices. Automatically send reminders. You get paid faster without bugging people.

  • Automatic payments

    Let customers pay online with their credit card. One-click payments using saved card info. Automatic scheduled payments and subscriptions. Money magically appears in your bank account!

  • Customer followup

    Get reminded when you need to contact each customer next. Keep track of what you talked about and stay focused what you need to do next. Each person is moving forward.

  • Online marketing

    Easily create content and regularly post to your email list and social media. Painlessly get comments from your customers and let them post online reviews.

What could you do with that time?

Here’s an example to that shows how an investment in automation can quickly start generating huge returns if you use that time to develop your business:

Graph: Invest in automation, free up your time to create more revenue each month

Investing in automation pays for itself. In the long-run, you’re paying for it out of the increased profit it generates. In this example, that’s a 900% R.O.I. in 1 year! The sooner you free up your time, the sooner you can get results.

Tyson, Owner of Simplimation

What's the next step for you?

The next step is for us to set up a 15-minute phone call with Tyson so we can find out what you already have and what you want to do. We’ll make the most of our time together. He’s got a checklist of questions ready to go so we can quickly work out a plan for moving forward.

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